Monday, January 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home

You know how some houses are just classic, instantly recognizable, iconic homes? That's how I feel about where I grew up.

Even though I never. . .

Had a wedding reception planned by Franc complete with swans in the front yard

Or defended it from the Wet Bandits on Christmas Eve

Or had to move before the St. Louis World's Fair

Or played hooky with my best friends and stole my dad's car

Or stood by the window while Mrs. Danvers looked on (thank goodness)

Or stayed up all night composing a song for Bella

Or threw a rock in the window to make a wish

Or completed some major renovations for a teenage love

Or bumped into a naked Ryan Reynolds (darn)

I will always think this was the greatest house in the entire world.

Goodbye 7230, I will love you forever. And welcome to SC, Mom and Dad! Thanks for making that house a really wonderful
home. I think Miranda said it best.

Please pass the tissues.


  1. well now that you have me crying... :( it really was the best house in the entire world!

    1. when are you coming to visit this summer?