Monday, February 13, 2012

Every Woman

If I was to make a gigantic assumption based on my facebook and twitter feed, I'd say that EVERYONE watched the Grammy's last night. Did you? I commented before the red carpet started that maybe stars would feel the need to tone it down a bit in light of Whitney's passing. Yeah, that didn't happen (ahem, Nicki Minaj.) I'm all for muscians showing their creative side on the red carpet, but some of them just looked awful (Fergie.) A few of my favorites- and there were few.

Corinne Bailey Rae- I like the hair-dress coordinatio

Kelly Osbourne- this is pretty and her grey locks looked better with a touch of color

Taylor Swift- I sort of feel meh on this, because I didn't love her hair like that, BUT she just so darn pretty

Jessie J- her song "domino" has powered me through many a long runs, also I like shiny dresses

Rihanna- Um, her body looks amazing which she clearly wanted us notice with the leather shorts and pelvic thrusts that followed

How great was Bruno Mars?! I think he is so talented and that performance was pure FUN!

I LOVED when he commanded that everyone get off their "rich asses" and have some fun.

Also, lovely but so, so sad.

I feel like if you were born in the 80's and grew up in the 90's like myself, you have your own Whitney memory. Mine is that we would always warm up to The Bodyguard soundtrack in my dance classes. Till this day I can't hear "I'm Every Woman" without wanting to do a shuffle ball-change. She was truly a superstar of our generation. We will always love you Whitney!

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