Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekend Rentals- 2/3/12

What to rent this weekend? Check out some movies that were recognized at the 2007 Oscars!

Little Miss Sunshine- When I first saw this I was with my boyfriend (who was not at all my boyfriend at the time.) He told me I was laughing so hard he was afraid I was going to pass out. But seriously, that scene with the stuck horn on the minivan?! Lol!

The Devil Wears Prada- Obviously Meryl's performance. But also- Stanely Tucci, Emily Blunt, the makeover?!? The scene where Miranda Priestly says "Oh, don't be silly - EVERYONE wants this. Everyone wants to be us." How many times can you see this movie? Never enough!

Dreamgirls- Okay, a little long-winded. But Eddie Murphy steals the show- even from Jennifer Hudson. Except for the "I'm Telling You" big performance. When I saw this movie, the entire theater burst into applause. Totally necessary.

An Inconvenient Truth- Why does it 70 degrees in January in 2012? Al Gore knew five years ago!

Happy Feet- Penguins who tap dance. I'll take it.

The Prestige- I freaking LOVE this movie. Suspenseful, magical, melodramatic and a little bit creepy. Just thinking about the end gives me goosebumps. Also, Hugh Jackman vs. Christian Bale. Yes.

Happy Weekend!

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