Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hot Pants, Cool Hats, Pink Hair

I like to think that I take some risks (good or bad) when it comes to personal style. I like wearing new trends- especially if they've trickled down to Forever 21 where I can try them without making an investment. Like skinny jeans in every color of the rainbow! I first saw celebs wearing these last Spring (or was it the year before?) and then I saw a beautiful assortment in H&M last week which means, you guessed it, I'll be buying these soon.

However there are some styles that I am really attracted to, but common sense tells me I should never, ever go there. Let's take this month's issue of Glamour magazine.

Doesn't Rachel McAdams look adorable in her button down and . . . hot pants?
Glamour actually tried this last month with the Kardashians.

Are we going to go an entire year's subscription sans pants? Only time will tell. I personally think its adorable. Yeah, you heard me.

Remember when Sienna went on on the town like 3 years ago?

Then Gaga, and Britney, and Katy in concert- it was only a matter of time for Allie Hamilton.

Let's take another trend- one that I first posted about here. The wide, floppy, felt 70's hat. I think I remember Vanessa in it first?

Kim K, again.

Its so glamourous and Ive seriously tried one on in various Nordstrom hat departments across the state of Florida. But in what world would this be an appropriate look for me? I honestly am at a loss.

So recently, my beloved Lauren Conrad tweeted a pic of her hair in a bun, with pink tips.

I love it! Last summer she went totally rainbow waves which I loved even more.

Carrie had some pink extensions when she sang with Steven Tyler. Maybe that's my option? For those times when I . . . sing with Steven Tyler?

Have you seen Selena lately? Adore the way these streaks look on her!

And it was Rachel who actually debuted this look first- years ago!

And, as most trends go, we've come full circle. Speaking of Rachel McAdams, how do we feel about this trailer?

I mean as the first "chick flick" that's been released in AGES I am obviously going to see it immediately. But I just kind of feel like, really? Is this a poor man's The Notebook? "I read to her and she remembers." What is Allie Hamilton doing in this movie? We'll see. Let's all take a moment to enjoy one of the greatest trailers of all time, and one of the greatest movies of all time.

Do you want to see The Vow? What are some trends you love but would never try?

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