Saturday, November 24, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the concept of home.  I was born in Florida, but I've lived in South Carolina for 10 years.  My parents sold the house I grew up in and now live 20 minutes away.  I live in a one bedroom apartment but I'll move to my fiance's house after we get married.

I didn't really think about all of this until suddenly Christmas music was playing on the radio and there more leaves on the ground than on the tree outside my bedroom window.  It's time to decorate for the holidays, time to go home for the holidays- but where is that?

I know I'm so fortunate to have friends and family that make me feel at home no matter where I am.  But I'm looking forward to sharing a house with someone next year.  And in the meantime, I thought we'd count down my favorite Christmas movies that feature homes and hearts- wherever they are.

P.S.  Last year I counted down my favorite rom-com's of Christmas.  Add them to your Netflix queue!

The 5 Rom-Coms of Christmas
1. It's A Wonderful Life
2. Love Actually
3. Meet Me in St. Louis
4. The Holiday
5. Miracle on 34th Street

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