Monday, December 19, 2011

5 Rom-Coms- #4 The Holiday

Well, this is an obvious choice, isn't it? I remember seeing The Holiday my senior year in college with some girlfriends and knowing instantly that I would watch it for years on TBS. Isn't it great when that happens?

What's so wonderful about The Holiday is that it takes a very cute romantic comedy plot idea (quite common) but actually follows through with a great script and cast (unfortunately rather rare.) The 4 lead characters really make this movie.

Let's start with Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods. First of all, she is just so SO pretty and I love all of her luxurious and cozy scarves and coats. Also she has the coolest job AND an enviable disorder that makes her incapable of crying. I wish I were her.

And Jude Law as Graham. Now I know Jude considers himself a serious British ac-tor but don't you feel he's missed his calling as a romantic comedy leading man? Not only is he charming and handsome- he's Mr. Napkinhead!

And Jack Black as Miles is a delightful surprise. He is super cute in this movie and the scene at the piano with Iris is one of my favorite parts. " We both said fruitily!"

But Kate Winslet . . . Kate's performance as Iris Simpkins completely elevates The Holiday from standard rom-com to one of my favorites. Not only is she effortlessly lovely the whole time but her monologue about unrequited love is so heartbreaking its almost painful to watch.

I also love how The Holiday is practically a love letter to romantic comedies. I mean the whole Arthur storyline is precious- who (besides Amanda Woods) doesn't burst into tears when he walks into the room of applauding fans?!?! But it also brings us the definition of a "meet-cute" and some great advice for Iris to become a leading lady with "gumption."

If you even remotely enjoy this blog, chances are you've seen The Holiday. Many times. Well the holidays are about tradition, so it enjoy it again!

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