Friday, December 16, 2011

Trying New Things

Sometimes when you're at the movies, before the previews start, they show a promotion for Fathom events... things like opera or orchestra performances that are broadcast live in the theater. If you're like me you always think "who actually goes to those?" Well, I'm happy to report- now I do!

This past week I went to see the New York City Ballet's production of The Nutcracker- broadcast live from Lincoln Center and hosted by Kelly Ripa! It was really lovely and the dancing was gorgeous up on the movie screen. This was a one time thing so I cant really encourage you to go see it- but I would suggest going to see any production of The Nutcracker. Its a magical story and the music is the epitome of a perfect Christmas soundtrack. And I think every little girl (sometimes boy?) has wanted to be the Sugarplum Fairy.

Here's a casual outfit, inspired by the ballet, complete with sugarplum flats.

How do we feel about outfit posts? They're mainly with my iphone now and my bathroom as a backdrop. Is that okay?

So I tried something else new this week! I went and bought department store makeup at a department store. It's like I'm a grown up! I've really survived my whole life on drugstore cosmetics and hand me downs from my mom's Clinque gift bags. Well I got a MAC gift certificate for my birthday and went to get some new eyemakeup (and a bit of a makeover too!) The girl asked me what I was looking for and I was all "umm, shimmery... but smoky.. some liner.. maybe mascara...kind of natural...very dramatic..." In spite of those vague descriptors, it actually turned out well, although replicating it myself is a whole other matter.

Speaking of eye makeup, here are some of my favorite celebrity looks for eyes:

Kim K, of course

Mila Kunis, I'm pretty its not just her makeup but the actual shape of her eyes that is really gorgeous.

Adele of the perfect cat eyes.

Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum

Speaking of Lady A, I watched them perform their newest single "Dancing Away With My Heart" on the CMT Artist of the Year ceremony. Taylor Swift (another artist of the year) was in the audience and the camera captured this really great moment when Taylor, listening to the song, was so moved she turned to her friends, tearing up and saying "awww." All of a sudden, I was besties with Taylor and found myself also doing the very girly, hand on chest, pouty face, teary eyed reaction! You can watch it here.

And that's pretty much how my life works- convincing myself that I'm friends with celebrities- and we can share makeup tips too!

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