Wednesday, October 17, 2012

State of Grace Is Totally About Jake

I hate to admit it, but I just haven't been able to get too excited over Taylor's new song releases.  I realize she's been working with some different producers on a new sound- and that's fine, I'm not really tied to a exclusively country album from her at this point.  But as catchy as some of the new tunes are, it just seems they are missing the little details that transform a Taylor song into a highly personal story.  Plus I've been totally clueless as to who these songs are about, which let's face it, is at least half the fun.
Lucky for me, State of Grace was released yesterday and I can confirm that it is 100% about her romance with Jake Gyllenhaal.  Listen, and then I'll give you the run down.


How do we know its about Jake? Let's take a look at the lyrics:

"I'm walking fast through the traffic lights, busy streets and busy lives."

 In the fall of 2010, when Taylor and Jake were together, he was doing press for Love and Other Drugs and she was promoting her new album, Speak Now.  I can't imagine they had much time to see each other, and when they did, it tended to be in Jake's Brooklyn neighborhood.  The only pics we have of them are from this outing, walking around the city and, presumably, through "traffic lights and busy streets."

"Up in your room, just twin fire signs, four blue eyes"
Taylor's birthday is December 13, Jake's is December 19th, making them both a Sagittarius, with a zodiac element of fire.

And we know Taylor has some pretty eyes, but it's pretty much impossible to talk about Jake without mentioning those baby blues.

"So you were never a saint."

As Hollywood hotties go, Jake seems pretty clean cut.  But, he's dated Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon and he's not afraid to get a little explicit in his movie love scenes. So to a 19 yr old Taylor, Jake probably seemed like he had really lived, ya know?

"And I never saw you coming, and I'll never be the same."

By all accounts, Jake pursued Taylor, asking his friend Gwyneth Paltrow to set up a dinner party for them to meet.  When I heard they were dating I was like "wait . . . what?"  So I can only imagine it was kind of a surprise to her too.

As for never being the same?  Taylor recently said in an interview that the first track on Red is about the beginning of a certain relationship, and the last track is about the very end.  State of Grace opens up Red (to be released on Monday!) and a song called "The Lucky One" closes out the album.  I'll keep you updated.

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  1. What a thorough analysis! You're definitely right though. I do miss her more country sound...