Thursday, October 11, 2012

Omg, me too!

If you're not watching The Mindy Project at 9:30pm, you're missing my favorite half hour of television and a glimpse into my soul.

TMP isn't necessarily one big non-stop LOL.  Did you guys watch Modern Fam last night? Phil in Hailey's dorm room? DYING laughing!

And it certainly isn't my Tuesday night sobfest over the Braverman family on Parenthood.

But The Mindy Project (and Mindy Kaling's wonderful writing) manages to create a mini romantic comedy each week AND about a million moments that make me squeal "Omg, me too!"

In the pilot, baby Mindy recites great declarations of love from classic Nora Ephron films and waits for her life to follow suit.
(Omg, me too!)

In the next episode, Mindy conducts a work meeting while reminding her coworkers exactly when Oscar season is.
(Omg, me too!)

Last Tuesday, Mindy and crew headed to a club where Danny Castellano suddenly turns into a sexy ladies' man by showing off some smooth dance moves and hitting on hotties in da club.  While I can't say this has happened to me recently, I know exactly what she's talking about.  I mean, who hasn't seen a guy go from annoying and obnoxious to intriguing bad boy just by putting off a different vibe?  My boyfriend and I always say we should write a break-up book for guys called "Don't get drunk a sports bar with your buddies. Do grind on a rando on the dance floor and have your friend post a pic to Facebook."

Also on Tuesday, Mindy confessed to falling asleep while watching a movie and waking up covered in spilled red wine.  While I giggled at this thought, I didn't quite relate.Until last night when I fell asleep in my hotel bed eating a bar of dark chocolate.  When I 
looked in the mirror this morning, my face was covered in melted chocolate.  Are you horrified?

Omg, me too.

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