Monday, October 29, 2012

CFC Class: The many faces of Steven Martin

With all the excitement over the past week, I've thought about Father of the Bride oh, at least a hundred times. While I usually pride myself on my knowledge of a celeb's entire career, I must admit that Steve Martin will always be George Banks to me.

However, when I was in driving around Florida the past few months, I found myself listening to a lot of NPR, and really enjoyed this combination of Steve Martin interviews over the years.

Martin: From Standup to Movie Star and Writer, NPR Fresh Air

 He's had a varied career from numerous hosting duties on SNL:


To banjo playing:

To author:
Born Standing Up, A Comic's Life by Steve Martin

To starring in one of my favorite romantic comedies in recent years:

Who's your favorite version of Mr. Martin?


  1. We love Steve Martin in the Curbow house! Husband likes Three Amigos...I'm a Father of the Bride or It's Complicated kind of girl, myself.

  2. Thanks for reading! He is so talented-right?