Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lincoln Review

So I spend a good portion of my job telling high school students how to write their college admission essay.   "You don't need to tell me your entire life story for me to learn about who you are," I say.  "Tell me about one experience, one moments, one conversation- and what says about who you are."

Well, it turns out Steven Spielberg took my advice. Lincoln is not a comprehensive biography of Honest Abe's 56 years, but a detailed account of the last four months of his life.  The movie focuses specifically on Lincoln's efforts to pass an amendment abolishing slavery.

Lincoln is a really great film, full of history and politics and fantastic performances from the entire cast. Daniel Day Lewis portrays the president as thoughtful and brilliant and somehow familiar.  I kept thinking "That's just like him!" Although of course, none of know what Lincoln was really like.  Just as I would recommend, the movie captures one experience that tells us everything we need to know.

Lincoln, rated "PG-13," drama, starring Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Fields, Tommy Lee Jones and Joseph Gordon Levitt "A-" 

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